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National Association of Women Business Owners Atlanta (NAWBO Atlanta) is the voice of Georgia's Woman-Owned Businesses. We provide educational programs, business alliances, tools and resources that help women business owners grow their businesses and increase their profitability. NAWBO Atlanta uniquely supports the interests of women entrepreneurs across all industries and professions. As partners, NAWBO members can attend AIWN events at a reduced rate.






Your Messaging Platform: Why it's Important, How to Create/Evaluate Yours & How to Use It for Results

When: Thursday, October 8th, 2015, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Where: The Georgian Club
100 Galleria Parkway, SE - Suite 1700
Atlanta, GA 30339

Cost: $40 Members; $45 Affiliates; $50 Non-Members
Includes:  3-course meal and complimentary parking

Featured Guest: Corey-Jan Albert, Speaker & Writer - Relish Marketing

Effective messaging is how you and your team communicate in a clear, consistent voice about your business

It's how you communicate with existing clients, potential clients, the media and even internal employees - framing what you need to say in the context of what's most important. It's how you keep yourself and your team members on-brand and keep yourself from being pulled into "the weeds." Perhaps most important, a powerful messaging platform gives you a metric for ensuring that all your communications - print, electronic and live - are focused to reinforce the most important things anyone needs to know about your business.

The luncheon presentation will help NAWBO members consider their businesses and brands in the context of a messaging platform, and begin to develop strong platform components. A half-day workshop can build on this content with more interactive activities to help you hone your platform, evaluate messages for clarity, and practice using messaging components to drive understanding and acceptance among key audiences.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what a messaging platform is (and isn't!)
  2. Recognize how a strong messaging platform supports business objectives (and how a weak one can undermine them)
  3. Begin to develop and/or hone the components of a strong messaging platform for your business