Schedule of Events

Our events are held at:  Druid Hills Golf Club, 740 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30307 - Map To Location

Unless otherwise indicated, all events are free to members or $20 to non-members


2015 Calendar of Events

September 8


Donna Grindle - “Online Security Tips Against Identity Theft”

In order to function in business today you probably need to be online. You need an online presence for yourself and your business in most cases. Putting yourself out there is great but do your really know how important it is to protect yourself and your online reputation? There a many reasons you should worry about the information you send out and make accessible online. One simple mistake could lead you into a terrifying world where your name, your credit, and your life is run through the mud. Join Donna for this session to learn what to be worried about and how to reduce your exposure to the World Wide Web of Criminals.

Donna Grindle is the Owner of Kardon Technology and Kardon Compliance. Her background includes an extensive amount of technology experience across a broad spectrum of the field. She gets excited about teach technical topics but presents the information in a fun and relatable manner. So come along for the ride!



Marni Ratner, Studio M Interiors,

Studio M Interiors


Donna Grindle

October 13

Margo Geller MSW, LCSW - “Getting Paid What You Are Worth”

Not getting paid what you are worth? Are you afraid to raise your rates or ask for a raise? Margo Geller's presentation and discussion will provide a fresh perspective on money, emotions and finding the confidence to raise your rates or re-set your salary goals. You will leave with useful tips and an outline for helping you create your personal money action plan. Margo Geller, LCSW is a distinguished Business Development Consultant, Coach, Counselor and Entrepreneur and the owner of Margo Geller & Associates. Margo works at the intersection of psychology and business. Over the past 35 years, she has helped hundreds of professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs become master networkers and get paid what they are worth. Margo is the author of “The Love Club: A New Approach To Business Networking.”



Dr. Rachel Elahee, Elahee Psychological Consulting Services,

Dr. Rachel Elahee


Margo Geller

December 1

Members-Only Holiday Event





2015 Past Events

August 11

5:30 PM

President's Happy Hour at Einstein's on Juniper - 5:30pm

Join us for summer fun and networking at Einstein's, hosted by AIWN president Anne Sciarrone. Anne is buying the appetizers, and the rest of us will bring our business cards and sparkling conversation.

Valet parking. No registration required, just socializing.



July 14

Charla Mahon -
“The Backend Steers the Frontend to Financial Success: Quick Strategies For Running Your Small Business More Effectively on the Backend”

It’s not easy to run a business, especially when you're constantly overwhelmed, overworked and often just frustrated. In the beginning, it's not so hard. As the business takes off, though, the old way -- those processes you threw together to get by at first -- begins to feel like a ball and chain, and you’re sinking under the pressure. Nothing short of an army of assistants could relieve that stress. Charla will share some strategies for running a smooth business on the backend which will enable you to focus on growing your business to the financial success you desire.

Charla is a virtual operations manager and implementation expert who works with small businesses on the path to growth to build out the business structure (tools/processes) and virtual team needed to sustain that growth. What Charla gives her clients is freedom to focus on growing their businesses and serving clients, while she orchestrates the backend of their businesses. Charla is a business owner herself, and understands the challenges of starting and growing a small business.



Kardon Technology,

Kardon Technology


Carla Mahon

June 16

Neca C. Smith , Ed/S., LPC, CAMS -
“Cool, Calm & Collected: Minimizing Conflict to Maximize Your Business”

Running your own business can be filled with daily hassles and stress, and the constant hustle and bustle often leads to frustration. Leaders and entrepreneurs are dealing with the effects of the economy on their businesses as well as demands and pressures from their home life. All of this can lead to a perfect storm of anger and an inability to adequately handle difficult situations. In this program, you will:

  1. Discover the DNA that Entrepreneurs need to effectively manage difficult situations.
  2. Understand the 5 Principles for handling conflict and difficult situations in your business.
  3. Learn the 5 Triggers and how to deal with them effectively. 

Neca C. Smith, Ed.S., CAMS, LPC, Principal of AidevO People Consulting, LLC, will give you tips on handling minor inconveniences as well as major disruptions with staff and clients so that you can get down to business.



Richardson Bloom & Lines, Family Law Attorneys:

Richardson Bloom & Lines


Neca Smith

May 12

Carmen Westbrook - “Defining Your Personal Style & Brand”

Your ‘personal brand’ is the total experience of the relationship that others have with you. One component of your brand is your personal style.

With Carmen Westbrook’s informative, light-hearted approach to helping women look and feel their best, she’ll help you:

  • Identify which of the seven style personalities fits you best;
  • Determine how to incorporate your unique style into your personal brand and professional look;
  • And, understand how your body language impacts your image.

Carmen formed Naked – Fashion Help in 2009 out of a desire to do creative, meaningful work and to help people feel comfy in their own skin. After training at The London Image Institute, she now works with women, helping them transform their appearance into one that truly represents their unique personality and style.



Ginger Lyon, One Good Nurse:

One Good Nurse


Carmen Westbrook



March 31


Anita R. Paul - “Get Off Your ASSets! Write Your Book”

Women entrepreneurs fail miserably at using their assets - knowledge, intellectual property, and experience - to further their business. Becoming a published author is one of the best ways to position your platform, enhance your expertise, and build your brand. This presentation will encourage women entrepreneurs to tell their stories, and to leverage those stories for success. Attendees will learn why they should become a published author and how publishing can help their business.

They will learn:

  • 3 reasons a book is critical to business success
  • 3 strategies to write a book quickly, easily
  • 17 assets to leverage as a published author 

Anita Paul is known as The Author’s Midwife. Through her Write Your Life program, she helps professionals and entrepreneurs write, publish, and leverage their book. Anita is the author and co-author of several books including: Building a Business, Building a Life: Incredible Stories of Women Entrepreneurs; and Publishing as a Marketing Strategy. She owns The Write Image, a publishing services company, and she is host of “Book Your Success,” on BizLynks TV.


Sponsored by Lynda Idleman, PhD, Idleman & Associates:


Anita Paul










February 17

Veronica Brown - "Gamification: How To Play"

What’s gamification? And how can you use it in your small business, organization, or personal life? Loyalty points, badges, and contests using Facebook and mobile apps are all examples of gamification. You can use it to motivate your customers, employees, teammates, and even yourself. In this gamified session, we’ll look at the ways that gaming principles are changing our behavior, and how we can use it to influence others. And we’ll have fun doing it.

Veronica Brown is a writer and instructional designer specializing in designing games for adult learning. She creates engaging training activities that simulate real-world experiences. Veronica recently presented one of her games at the conference of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). She also enjoys learning new games for fun.


Sponsored by Mari Fridenmaker, Blue Iron Coaching:



Veronica Brown




Blue Iron Coaching

January 13


Speed Networking

*** Note our temporary new meeting location! Westside Cultural Arts Center, 760 10th St. NW, Atlanta 30318

Speed Networking is an AIWN favorite! We start our year getting acquainted and connected. In the spirit of "speed dating," we will have tables of 4 people each set up to share our version of "speed networking!"

Everyone will move from table to table where you will get a chance to introduce yourself and your company, then move on to the next table to meet more accomplished women. Who says networking has to be hard?

  • Bring a stack of at least 50 business cards.
  • Check-in begins early, and we'll begin promptly at 6:15.
  • Arrive on time, because "speed networking" is organized based on the number of participants.