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Unless otherwise indicated, all events are free to members or $20 to non-members


2014 Calendar of Events

May 13

6:30 - 8pm



We'll also talk about our new partnership with Dress for Success Atlanta.

Anne Keeton, Grief to Relief

"Grief & Recovery: A Personal & Professional Necessity"

While grief is the most universal and profound of all human experiences, it is the least understood and most neglected. Yet no matter how smart or rich or good we are, we will experience it. We must take grief out of the closet. Anne Keeton will explain the six myths of grief, the impact of grief, and the skill set we can develop for healthy recovery. Anne brings humor and high energy to a topic that is difficult, but essential for independent women to face.


Elston Collins, Fresh n Fit Cuisine,



Anne Keeton



Fresh N Fit Cuisine

June 17


Pam Brooks-Crump, Ellen Sichel, Katharine Pike, Elizabeth Malone, Laura Biering

Panel Discussion: Coaching Demystified



Teri Eastin, Atlanta Acne Specialists,










Atlanta Acne Specialists

July 22

6:30 - 8pm

Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, BBR Marketing

"Yes, You CAN Market Your Small Business"






Amanda Thomas, PNC Bank,



Bonnie Ruszczyk




Sept. 9

6:30pm - 8:15pm

Allison Phillips,

"4-Part Formula to Close More Sales…On the Spot"



Oct. 14

6:30pm - 8:15pm

Margaret Thompson, Clayton State University, Associate Professor of Management



Donna Grindle, Kardon Technology,





Kardon Technology


Dec. 2

Members-Only Holiday Event




2014 Past Events

Feb. 18

6:30 - 8pm


Nancy Chorpenning, Founder and Managing Partner of C-Suite Advisors.

"PLAN is NOT a 4-Letter Word!"

Nancy Chorpenning is the Managing Director of Atlanta-based C-Suite Advisors, a business advisory practice supporting small business owners, especially women entrepreneurs who are growing their firms into profitable, professionally-managed businesses.

Nancy brings to C-Suite Advisors 30 years executive management experience with Fortune 500 corporations from Time Warner to start-ups like WebMD. Her exceptional skills include the ability to diagnose performance gaps, analyze root causes and develop plans for change.

Nancy will share her wisdom to help us all create plans for our work and for our futures.Nancy will share her wisdom to help us understand how to use an Operating Business Plan to be more successful:

  • 1) Why do I need an Operating Business Plan?
  • 2) What components are important to a useful Business Plan?
  • 3) How can I use my Operating Plan to be more successful in my day-to-day business?

Sponsored by:  Kelly Lucas, BBR Marketing

Special Guest:  Sandy Johnson of Dress for Success Atlanta


Nancy Chorpenning






BBR Marketing

Jan. 14

5:45 - 8pm

Speed Networking: Kick off 2014 with new energy and new contacts

An AIWN favorite! So much fun we're starting our year getting acquainted and connected. In the spirit of "speed dating," we will have tables of 4 people each set up to share our version of "speed networking!"

Everyone will move from table to table where you will get a chance to introduce yourself and your company, then move on to the next table to meet more accomplished women. Who says networking has to be hard?

  • Bring a stack of at least 50 business cards.
  • Check-in begins early, and we'll begin the meeting at 6:15.
  • Arrive on time, because "speed networking" is organized based on the number of participants.
  • Cash bar will be available.

We'll also talk about our new partnership with Dress for Success Atlanta.




2013 Past Events

April 1

6:30 - 8pm


Jody Cole, Wild Rainbow African Safaries, LLC

Ever considered "taking a leap" in your business, or personal life? Jody Cole's unusual leap from Southern Belle to South African Bush Guide will inspire you. Jody will tell us how she created a business to support her dream--which is almost as scary as facing a charging elephant--and how our strengths and weaknesses can guide us towards our dreams, if we only let them.

Jody Cole is one of the only American women certified as a field guide with the South African Field Guides Association. She has spent the past 20 years focusing on human rights and animal welfare, with an active role in animal research projects including South Africa's brown hyaenas. She founded Wild Rainbow Africa Safaris in 2004.


Sponsored by Mari Fridenmaker, Blue Iron Coaching,


Jody Cole



Blue Iron Coaching

Dec. 3

Members-Only Holiday Event


Oct. 15

6:30pm - 8:15pm


Women in Green: Our role in sustainability and some practical tips for home energy efficiency with Anne Blakely Sciarrone

Would it surprise you to hear that women have been instrumental in defining the real meaning and purpose of sustainability? Come hear about some profound links between women and the environment and the growing value of feminine sensibilities in the field of sustainability. Unsure of what "sustainability" means? We'll work together to define it for ourselves. You will also leave with some practical room-by-room tips for improving the energy efficiency of your own home. These useful tips may lead to money savings or improved indoor comfort or both!

Sponsored by: Mary Beth Andrews, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Sept. 10

6:30pm - 8:15pm

“Unleash Your Productivity Potential” with Wendy Ellin

Does the environment you work in function in a way that serves you well? Wendy Ellin’s dynamic and realistic delivery will not only get you thinking - it will get you working in a way you never thought possible! During this session, Wendy will share her simple and adaptable techniques and "Juicy Tidbits" for accelerating business potential. She will leave you empowered to take immediate action and implement her simple system for getting control of your work load and your life. Get ready for a professional transformation like no other!

Sponsored by: Lynda Idleman, Idleman & Associates

July 23

6:30 - 8pm

"Ask For What You Want, Guilt Free" with Françoise Everett

Many of us, at some point, stopped asking questions for fear of being made fun of, looking foolish, or feeling a lack of confidence because we should "just know." What if instead, you really understood the power of asking questions in all areas of your life, in such a way that you open up the world with yourself, your children and your business? What if, asking the right questions led you to greater health, wealth and wellbeing? What if, you can ask whatever you want, guilt-free? And get it! Françoise Everett is the founder of Guilt-Free Mothering, a breakthrough resource for entrepreneurial moms who desire to create a life they love. She works with extraordinary, conscious mothers to guide them to unprecedented personal success in motherhood and in business.

Sponsor: Melody Z. Richardson, Pachman Richardson, LLC

June 18



We constantly hear what a wonderful group of women who attend our events are, and how much you enjoy meeting and networking with each of them. In the spirit of "speed dating," we will have 10 tables of 4 people each set up to share our version of "speed networking!"

Everyone will move from table to table where you will get a chance to introduce yourself and your company, then move on to the next table to meet more accomplished women. Who says networking has to be hard?

  • Bring a stack of at least 40 business cards.
  • Check-in begins at 6:15 and everyone is to claim their seats by 6:30.
  • The event will begin promptly at 6:30 and run until 8:40, including a 10 minute break.
  • No-shows are strongly discouraged.
  • Cash bar will be available. 

Pre-register today - seating is limited to the first 40 people to sign up. Deadline to register is Monday, June 17 at 12:00 noon.

Sponsor: Dr. Linda Katz, Team National


May 14

6:30 - 8pm


"Winning Is A Habit" with Terry Teague

Terri Teague is an entrepreneur, speaker, small business success coach and workshop facilitator. This month, Terri will share with us the proven habits and techniques that every small business leader must master to run a profitable and sustainable enterprise. Many great leaders consider good work habits the foundation of success. But the big question on the minds of every small business owner is, How do I build a successful business? Beyond the demanding, day-to-day effort of running a business, what are the key habits that can dramatically improve performance and help you achieve the business results you want?

Sponsor:  Patti Brown, SERVPRO of Decatur

April 2

6:30 - 8pm


“Solid IT Foundation for Small Business Owners” with Donna Grindle

Rarely are businesses able to compete today without using technology as a tool to manage several aspects of their business. Fortunately, Donna’s excitement about sharing the value of technology to other business owners is not just a bunch of geek speak. Learn about using and managing technology as a competitive advantage for you and your business. Bring your questions, too. Interactive presentations are the most fun.

Sponsor:  Marni Ratner, Studio M Interiors


Feb. 19

6:30 - 8pm


“From Broken to Black Belt: Achieve Any Goal in Spite of Adversity” with Heather Wright

You can be the success you have always wanted to be, regardless of your circumstances. Heather Wright, attorney with The Wright Attorneys, will share her own story of personal development and explain how you can change your life and your business with three steps: Surrender, Persevere, and Do The Work. Heather will tell us how she followed these steps to build her law practice while surviving hyperthyroidism and starting a martial arts journey that led to a Black Belt.

Sponsor: Melanie Watson, Melanie Watson Photography

Heather Wright

Jan. 8

6:30 - 8pm


"Pull Yourself Together!" with Image Consultant, Carmen Westbrook, of Naked - Fashion Help.
With her informative, light-hearted approach to helping women look and feel their best, you’ll receive useful tips you can apply to your own wardrobe, including:

  • What it means to look pulled together.
  • The importance of understanding fit and proportions.
  • Easy ways to look more stylish.

Sponsor: Kathie Bulvin, Isegenix Vision