Call for 2015 Speakers

Ready to deliver your inspiring, educational message to Atlanta's smart, successful and savvy independent business women? AIWN is now accepting applications for our 2015 events.

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Guide to AIWN's Social Media

Know What’s Going On


Join our Group:

  • This is a Closed group; members must be approved, and only they can see the posts.
  • Only AIWN Members may promote their businesses in the Facebook group.
  • Go to or search “Atlanta Independent Women” to find our page.
  • Click the “Ask to Join Group” button on the upper left of the page.


  • Anyone can Join the Group to receive AIWN updates.
  • Only AIWN Members may promote their businesses in the LinkedIn group.
  • Go to or search:
    • Select “Groups” next to the Search form.
    • Search for “Atlanta Independent Women’s Network”.
  • Click “Join Group” to join. You will become a Group member immediately.



Share Your News and Views

Post on Facebook and LinkedIn yourself, so your pic and name appear.

Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Write on our Facebook Wall: Go to the “Atlanta Independent Women” group
  • Start a LinkedIn Discussion.
    • If you are an AIWN member, you may promote your business.
    • If you are a non-AIWN Member, you may promote community events or start a discussion, but not promote your business. (Non-member promotions will be deleted.)
    • Be sure to include a link to a web page if you’re promoting an event or cause that will be interesting for our members.
    • Please also Like and comment on existing posts.


  • Please retweet @AtlantaAIWN’s updates, and mention @AtlantaAIWN in your tweets.
  • To suggest a tweet to appear on @AtlantaAIWN, send a direct message to @AtlantaAIWN.
    • Twitter updates are lined up in advance, so allow time for your tweet to come up to the top of the queue.
  • AIWN Members who have Twitter accounts can be added to the Member’s Twitter list. Send a direct message to @AtlantaAIWN.